InsertTec. New technology for intelligent glass refining.

EVA Glass Foliation. Technology meets Lifestyle.

InsertTec stands for a novel glass refining technology with increased safety standards and the design requirement of visualizing emotion.

Print often does not meet the requirements of restaging flat glass. Our revolutionary approach targets the inclusion of ethylene-vinyl acetate interlayer (brief: EVA interlayer) into laminated glass. Additionally, you outmatch highest glass safety standards.

By the individual combination of EVA interlayer and your selection of design and functional inserts included in our wide range of natural and synthetic samples such as wooden sheets, paper, textiles and textures, metals, PET, silk-screen printing, LCD or LED you will achieve amazing and unique effects through the classic interaction of light and colours.

“Light is intimately connected with architecture. Light appears on the surfaces of architecture only. Or contrary: architecture only appears due to light”.

Jörg Baumeister

As licencee of Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH, one of the global leaders of polyester and EVA interlayer, our team has been breaking new ground for your intelligent glass refining from Finnentrop in Western Germany since 2008.

Today we exclusively supply the German, Austrian, Swiss, French, Belgian, Luxembourgian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic markets with EVGUARD, recently the only premium EVA interlayer with building-authority approval by the DIBt (German institute for constructional engineering), as well as our wide expertise regarding its effective application during the process of laminating glass.


EVA Glass Foliation. Design meets Safety.

Regarding the skilled combination of Wolfen EVGUARD and our inserts we do not only offer you a fantastic creative tool for lifting your possibilities in glass design on a new level and hereby affect the amazing emotional finish of your completed work.

Also in consideration of safety aspects the InsertTec team with its products and knowledge is the right choice for glass foliation. 

With InsertTec’s glass interlayer and our customized design and functional inserts you create all those exquisite characteristics for the precious building material of your choice which really count: sustainable resistance, first-class stability and miscellaneous safety appliances.

Learn all about the outstanding product performance and special EVGUARD characteristics on this site.

Experience the huge potentials of our applied ethylene-vinyl acetate technology.